Prepare your visit

Prepare to immerse yourself in the heart of nature, between winding canals and preserved landscapes. Embark on an unforgettable adventure at the Maison du Marais by following our recommendations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the boat ride?

The boat ride lasts one hour at Maison du Marais however, some event rides can last longer.

Are dogs allowed at Maison du Marais?

Yes, dogs on a leash are allowed on the entire Maison du Marais site, the park, the exhibitions as well as on the boats.

Are the boats covered?

No, bacôves are large open boats with a flat bottom. It is therefore preferable to bring clothing appropriate to the weather, cover your head and hydrate in case of extreme heat or warm and/or waterproof clothing in case of cold or bad weather.

Please note that Maison du Marais can provide blankets as well as rain capes depending on the weather. However, the use of personal clothing remains preferred.

Are there boats all year round?

Yes, La Maison du Marais offers boats all year round except for three weeks in January after the Christmas holidays during our annual closing period.

Are the walks guided?

Yes, the trip will always be accompanied by a guide to pilot the boat and provide commentary on the route. You can also ask all your questions to our boatmen.

Do you need to reserve?

Reservation is not obligatory, however it is strongly recommended during busy periods if you want to be sure of being able to board on a schedule that you have chosen in advance.

How to book?

You can reserve your places by telephone on or buy your tickets directly on our website (payment by credit card). By reserving by telephone you can pay for your ride by credit card, cash, check or holiday vouchers at the counter.

How many people can fit in a boat?

We can take twelve people per boat. There is no question of age in the counting, therefore, an infant will count as one person, it will therefore be necessary to select a ticket for each participant.

What is the best time of year to visit the marsh by boat?

There is no preferred period or time. The best time to visit the Audomarois marshes is the time that suits you best. The landscapes and biodiversity vary throughout the year, depending on the seasons and weather, allowing for a different experience with each visit.

Are there any specific safety recommendations? Are the boats stable?

A life jacket is compulsory for all children up to the age of 12. For adults, the legislation requires them to be carried on board the boat; wearing a vest remains at the passenger's discretion.

It is recommended not to stand up or lean over the bench during the ride to avoid creating movements. Despite everything, the boat remains very stable so there is no risk of swamp sickness.

Can you visit the marsh on foot or by bike?

The Maison du Marais site has a park, a thirty-minute walk (free access, dogs allowed on a leash), the map of the park can be discovered at the Maison du Marais reception.

From March to November you can also visit the Étangs du Romelaëre National Nature Reserve, 10 minutes by car from the Maison du Marais, in the town of Clairmarais starting from the Grange Nature. This is a 4km walk on stilts in the wild eastern parts of the marsh.

You can find hiking and mountain biking maps on the “Tourism - Saint-Omer” website.