Accessibility based on disabilities

As part of a Tourism & Disability approach, the Maison du Marais offers you offers adapted to the following forms of disability: mental, motor, and visual.

Obtaining the Tourism & Handicap state mark

La Maison du Marais is committed to an approach of accessibility and information adapted for everyone.

This commitment is reflected in concrete terms: the territorial commission for awarding the Tourism & Handicap Brand on June 28, 2023 awarded the label to the Maison du Marais according to the following variation:

  • mental handicap
  • visual disability
  • physical disability

We are working to be able to welcome you in the best possible conditions, however, and despite our efforts, the “motor disability” label does not concern the bacôve ride.

However, two Marais service providers have certified sightseeing boats:

Accessibility plan

Accessibility plan

To prepare your stay, consult the simplified map of the Maison du Marais: toilets, PRM car parks as well as walks and suitable places.

Download the plan