The walk in the park and conservatory vegetable garden

Link between the town of Saint-Omer and the Marais Audomarois.

Time for a walk at the gates of the Marais Audomarois

Time for a walk at the gates of the Marais Audomarois

With family or friends, the Maison du Marais is THE ideal place to recharge your batteries. In fact, the site invites you to take the time to disconnect. Whereas, a few minutes earlier, you were in the city center, you are now propelled into the Audomarois marshes, surrounded by nature.

Here, take the time to breathe and listen to your imagination and even embark on a treasure hunt…

Useful information

Ouvert toute l'année du lundi au dimanche


Pets allowed

Typical vegetables from the Audomarois marsh...

Inaugurated in July 2021, the Maison du Marais conservatory vegetable garden is part of a desire to safeguard the vernacular heritage of market gardening culture in the Saint-Omer region.

Presenting around twenty varieties of vegetables evolving with the seasons, the vegetable garden is a stone's throw from the Maison du Marais.

Valued in a short circuit...

Valued in a short circuit...

The conservatory vegetable garden is also a good way to emphasize the short circuit. Indeed, most of the vegetables grown here by the Farmers' training center are then either sent to the vegetable market (a few kilometers from the Maison du Marais) or consumed at Bols du Marais.

Download the brochure “Simply produce your seeds”

The eco-pasture zone

Sheep in the Park?

During your walk in the park, you may come across... Asterix and Obelix! You are not dreaming, they are indeed sheep... taking care of the grass! In a zero-phyto approach, they are the ones who ensure the maintenance of this vast natural area.

The Aile mill

The Aile mill

In the heart of the park, this wooden giant is the vestige and witness to the domestication of the marsh by the inhabitants. Thanks to his Archimedes screw, take stock of the land draining techniques in the 19th century. Installed in the Maison du Marais park on the occasion of its inauguration in 2014, this mill was an essential tool for market gardeners.

Take advantage of the surrounding green spaces to picnic with family or friends on sunny days.

The hanging garden

A place of relaxation

It is a true haven of peace just a few steps from the town center of Saint Omer. The hanging garden of the Maison du Marais is the ideal place to get a change of scenery for a few moments or a few hours. Among the aromatic herbs, enjoy a moment of relaxation and calm.

Adventure Lab

Adventure Lab

An outdoor treasure hunt with geocaching

Discover the Maison du Marais park in a fun way. La Maison du Marais is pleased to unveil a new outdoor activity in the form of a unique mini adventure to discover as a family.

How ​​to play Adventure Lab?

Download the Adventure Lab app for Android or iPhone . Open the app, create your account and search for the “Le Parc de la Maison du Marais” circuit.

Once you are in the park, you can start the adventure. Head towards the first point of interest: your GPS helps you orient yourself on the screen. When you are within 5m of the “location”, tap your screen and you will get information about the location. You will have to answer a question to reach the next point of interest.

Porte d’entrée du Marais Audomarois